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  We are burying him today. Jonathan Wright. The survivor as we called him in the city. It's been six months since the apocalypse happened. After days and days of walking, we found a place where other people had started a new society. They were a hundred. From what they told us, there were a few cities like this one which had been built. Rick, Jonathan, the kids and I decided we would stay here. We were well-welcomed. We decided to live in the same house, all of us. Alice said that she and George are the children, I'm the mom and Rick is the dad, Jonathan is the uncle. She actually started to call us that way. We had a great life for those six months. Rick and I got closer, and are now some kind of a couple, I think. I can't really tell for now. We have made friends and this community is like our new family. We are trying to rebuild what we had. In memory of all the lost ones.


  Today is the day we say goodbye to one of them. One our lost and beloved. Jonathan. He hadn't told us but even before the apocalypse, he had cancer. He was in the final phase, but he succeeded in living six months more. He was a so happy-living man. Nothing could have made his smile fade. Nothing. That is what he will be remembered for.

We walk toward the graveyard. There is a grave for my parents and my sister here. There is a grave for every lost one.


  As I look at the men covering the coffin with soil, I think of what we've been through. All we've been through during all those months. And I think of Jonathan's smile and laugh. It makes me smile. I close my eyes, and Rick's arms are wrapped around my waist. Alice is next to me, her hand in mine and George has his hand on her shoulder. I feel great. Sad, yes, but lucky too.


  This place is ours. It's our home.

  Our sanctuary.




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